…the #BLACKBOX of circular economy together!

HANNOVER MESSE, 22-26 April, 2024

Just like the theme complex of “energy and emissions”, more sustainable industry is closely linked to the topic of a circular economy. We just need the code to unlock it.

The expectations of lawmakers, investors, consumers, and industrial stakeholders have long been clear when it comes to proof of sustainability and circularity. However, which companies need to achieve which milestones and when, or how this transition can be achieved as smoothly as possible in day-to-day operations, is often still something of a #BLACKBOX.

But it doesn’t need to be! In Hall 11 at Stand A52, we will decode the #BLACKBOX of the circular economy together.

Meet our experts on site

Have you already started thinking about how the circular economy could be implemented in your business, or would you like to explore the issue further without obligation? Then schedule an appointment in advance with our experts now.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hannover Messe!

Let’s think circular together!

Was bedeutet Kreislaufwirtschaft? Und wie kann jedes Unternehmen Kreisläufe schließen? Es gibt sie nicht – die EINE richtige Antwort.

Daher ist Kreislaufwirtschaft für viele noch eine #BLACKBOX – der Weg zum Ziel liegt im Dunkeln.
Auf dem PreZero-Stand der Hannover Messe lassen wir Licht in die #BLACKBOX und begleiten Sie auf Ihrem individuellen Weg in die Kreislaufwirtschaft.

Gemeinsam entwickeln wir Lösungen für Ihre individuellen Herausforderungen auf dem Weg in die Kreislaufwirtschaft.

Ohne #BLACKBOX, dafür mit einer grünen Zukunft für Ihr Unternehmen – Let’s think circular together!

PreZero Indikator Experience Center 1 – ZERO WASTE
PreZero Indikator Experience Center 2 – CIRCULAR ECONOMY
Experience Center 1 – ZERO WASTE:

Zero Waste – How Waste Becomes a Future Recyclable!

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When decoding the potential of processes and material flows beyond the direct value stream, considerable partially unidentified added value is often just waiting to be discovered. Waste does not always have to be waste, and a zero-waste vision is possible. So, could the packaging of your raw materials in the current production cycle perhaps become the raw materials for the next generation of your products? Could your waste perhaps even be used in the future to plug looming procurement gaps?

Not sure? Then come along to our stand and together we’ll decode just what zero waste means and how your company can transform waste into the raw material of the future.
Experience Center 2 – CIRCULAR ECONOMY:

Circular Economy – One Size Fits All? Not Here!

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Check out our #BLACKBOX showcase to discover the easiest way to embark on an individual path toward the circular economy that best suits your business.

The key is always that the circular economy can begin anywhere. The data and analyses needed to find the renowned “low-hanging fruit” are usually already available in most companies. All that is now needed is to draw the right conclusions and implement the lines of action as seamlessly as possible in operational business.

Does this all sound a bit too complicated and barely achievable without the right implementation partner? Then let us decode the #BLACKBOX of the circular economy together!
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How do I get to the Hannover Messe?

Further information on how to get here:


How do I get to the PreZero stand?

The PreZero stand is located in Hall 11, Stand A52. Here you will find an overview of the exhibition grounds and a hall plan:

In which countries is PreZero represented?

In 11 countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, North America. PreZero has a total of around 30,000 employees.

What services does PreZero offer for me?

At the Hannover Messe, we will be advising you on the topics of zero waste, your individual cycle & support for a clean future.

We also offer the following services:

Packaging: PreZero dual & sustainable packaging

  • Individual licensing and optimization
  • Evaluation and certification of the recyclability of packaging
  • Consulting and redesign
  • New recyclable materials and products through effective waste management

Waste disposal

  • From separate collection to sorting and processing
  • Whether private, commercial or municipal - we take care of the disposal
  • Over 30 state-of-the-art sorting plants with the best technologies (7 plants for sorting lightweight packaging in Europe)


  • Converting waste into high-quality raw materials for a wide range of product applications
  • High level of expertise in recycling post-consumer plastics and aluminum
  • Other recycling streams: e.g. wood, glass and organic materials
What does PreZero stand for?

We have one goal: a clean future in which an efficient, digitalized and closed material cycle protects our environment and creates sustainable value. PreZero is the industry's innovation driver, and the name describes our goal: zero waste of resources along the entire value chain.
Zero is like an intelligent cycle in which all aspects are considered as part of a larger whole - from the fully usable product to trade and disposal through to sustainable recycling. The path to a zero-waste society. We are committed to conserving resources and reducing the amount of waste that cannot be recycled to zero - PreZero.

Would you like to take the next steps
in the direction of Circular Economy or Zero Waste?